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  • 2008-09 till now, Commissioner of Learning in class.
  • 2009-09 to 2010-02, Teaching Assistant of C Programming Langua course.
  • 2009-09 to 2010-03, Officer of Youth League.
  • 2010-09 till now, President of Tongji Apple Club.
  • 2010-09 till now, Vice President of Tongji Google Camp.
  • My Course Scores, pdf version.


2008-12, CET4 score 620.

2009-06, CET6 score 574.

2009-10-30, Certificate of Participation of First Aid.

2009-12, 1st Class Excellent Student Scholarship,Tongji University.

2010-03, Excellent Student Award ,Tongji University.

2010-04-11, Certificate of Participation of NECCS 2010.

2010-05-11, 3rd Prize of National English Contest.

2010-11-29, Excellent Award, 4th International Software Competition, Chengdu, China.

2010-11-30, National Award.

2010-12, 1st Class Excellent Student Scholarship, Tongji University.

2010-12, Volunteer of Subway Station as a Member of Tongji's 100 Excellent Students..

2010-12, Excellent Student Award ,Tongji University

2011-04-10, Certificate of Participation of NECCS 2011.



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