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Web Application
  • 2010-04 to 2010-06.
  • A business project of office automation system for Tongji Architecture Design Institute.
  • It is a product of Professor Weizu Jin’s team, SSE, Tongji.
  • I was in charge of the domain control and equipments control part. So I learnt something about Windows domain controller.
  • I used many SQL queries and the datasource framework of ASP.NET.
Easy Cheque
  • 2010-07 to 2010-08.
  • It’s contest project for Citibank competition. A solution for electronic cheque fairs. Has great security, flexibility and usability.
  • I was in charge of the ASP.NET and C# interface development.
TJAC Website
  • 2010-10 to 2011-01.
  • This is a dynamic website for Tongji Apple Club(abbr. TJAC)’s daily use.
  • Members from TJAC can then create ideas, projects, articles using this website, making TJAC’s management more fluent and efficient.
  • This project used Struts 2, Hibernate and J2EE.
  • I’m proud of this website. I’m the team leader of 6 people. It’s already in use at here.
Mobile Apps
  • 2010-07 to 2011-09.
  • This iPhone app makes mobile TV available for iOS devices. It connect the signals in the air to a client which your iPhone make peer with, the you can watch the TV.
  • Already in business running in Korea. Planning entering China market. A product of Permian Company.
  • I’m the UI developer of it as a part-time job.
  • 2011-04 to now, in progress.
  • Personal interest. This app makes it very easy to share photos, messages between iOS devices and Mac.
  • Taking advantage of the networking technologies provided by Apple, such as Bonjour and CFNetwork.
  • The project is in progress, will be submitted to App Store. I’m eager to finish it! I’m the only developer in a team of 2 people.
Desktop Application
Direct Sketch
  • 2009-09 to 2009-10. It has its own file format, supports saving and reopening.
  • The most interesting thing is the content is synchronous if you duplicate its instance. Gorgeous user interface. Done by Windwos C++ API.
  • It’s course project and I did it all on my own.
  • Download version 1.0 for Windows.
  • 2010-05.
  • I referred to the documentation of FAT 12/16 and finished a simulator of FAT with file creating, opening, editing by myself.
  • It’s course project and I did it all on my own. I’m proud of this application.
  • Download version 1.0 for Windows.
Text Editor
  • 2008-12 to 2009-01.
  • Fist software project in life. Using KMP algorithm to find characters. Is very robust and has creative file saving designs.
  • It’s course project and I did it all on my own.
  • Download version 1.0 for Windows.
  • 2010-01 to 2010-03.
  • Course project. VNC like desktop sharing application. With chatting, sending files, accessing system utilities and many other features.
  • I’m in charge of the interface development.
  • 2011-01 to 2011-02.
  • The original platform is Linux. It is an encoding and decoding programme for Chinese characters.
  • It’s big feature is that the encoded chars ars also readable and interesting Chinese!
  • Course project. Core developer of 3 people. I designed the encoding method.
  • Download version 1.0 for Mac OS X.
Game Developing
  • 2010-08 to 2011-04.
  • It’s a business project, outsource. It’s a game on iPhone, developed for 6 months, has a complex and very detailed design.
  • Done by Sparrow, Chipmunk engines and used Lua scripts.
  • I was in charge of the implementation of demo, player tank, routing AI. The team has 6 people.
Shuffle Arena
  • 2010-01 to 2010-03.
  • A game on iPhone, using multi-touch, bluetooth, accelerometer technologies. it talks about fights between an alien, a panda and a robot. Players can use different ways to attack and defense.
  • Contest project, won an Excellent Prize of International Software Contest, Chengdu, China. Team leader of 8 people.
  • View in App Store.
Baby Tour
  • 2011-01 to 2011-03.
  • It’s a contest project. A game on iPad, player can use block, flower, grass, bubble, spinner, bird and so on to help the baby arrive the destination safely.
  • Use Cocos2d and Chipmunk.
  • I like this app quite much. I’m the team leader of 3 people, the only developer.
  • View in App Store.
Elements Defense
  • 2011-01 to 2011-03.
  • An iPad game bring the Chinese traditional “5 elements” to the iOS devices. It can be seen as a tower defending app. The feature is that you can control an element to move and make tower to attack.
  • Uses Chipmunk and Cocos2d engines.
  • Core developer of 8 people. I did the architecture.
Cars Cube
  • 2011-04 to now, in progress.
  • This is personal interest, an 3D iPad game. The idea of this app is the famous game Snakes. We designed a new rule and scene.
  • It’s done by Cocos3d and UIKit.
  • I’m the core developer in a team of 2 people.



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